This is not my gig

This is not my gig, a 24-page zine containing 22 peculiar poems.

‘This is not my gig’ zine cover

In the dream, he tells me he doesn’t need a condom

In the dream, he tells me
he doesn’t need a condom

he has his book. In the dream, we’ve both
read it. Condoms are a manifestation
of Capitalism. A Bad Thing. Probably

made by Monsanto. We don’t
need them. We can use our minds
to divert the sperm. In the dream

I know it works, if done
correctly, wholeheartedly,
together. We have to trust.

I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t. Yet

in the dream, we don’t
have a condom
to our name.

Prices include postage.

  • 1 zine: AUD$6
  • 2 zines: AUD$10
  • 5 zines: AUD$15
  • 10 zines: AUD$25
Please contact me for more info or to arrange another way to pay. This is not my gig may also be available from me at readings, workshops, and wherever else I happen to be.
Published in 2014 by the author. ISBN 9780987080936.

Poems for the Revolution of Love

Poems for the Revolution of Love (2012). 24 pages of poems by Jackson, Coral Carter and Terry Farrell.

‘Poems for the Revolution of Love’ zine cover

outside the window II

At 38,000 feet
Felicity’s plump
pink lips
Her skin is
punctured once
beneath her
bottom lip.
Grey wolf eyes
stare into mine.
Can I help you with anything?
Outside the window
the sky is
dazzle whiter
February ends.
One of us
is in trouble.
I tell it
the only way
I know.
Face autumn with the
legions of love
at your shoulder.

Coral Carter

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Published in 2012 by Janet Jackson. 24 pages. ISBN 9780987080929. Cover design by Jackson. Photos by Coral Carter.