Words are what I do. Read my poems here. Ask me to write one for you or help you write your own.

For art’s sake

Creative commons poetry — see Licensing page for details.
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Commission a poem

What do you want to say?
I can express it in vibrant words.
Quick and quirky —
or lengthy and elegant.

  • Beautiful, personal poems for greeting cards and speeches
    • Funeral
    • Wedding
    • Retirement
    • Birthday
    • Love
  • A verse portrait of a loved one makes a very special gift
  • Librettos
  • Lyrics
  • Limericks and rhymes
  • Poetry or spoken word for community arts projects, multimedia installations, film, visual art, etc

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How much does it cost?

Please send me a description of your budget and requirements. I can give you a quote, or we can agree on an hourly rate. For a short commissioned poem you can expect to pay at least $50 — it depends how much writing and research I will have to do. My standard rates are listed here. If I can’t help you myself I’ll try to suggest others who can.

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