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Get help with poetry! Whether your poems are written for friends and family or you want to publish or perform — I can show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to get your thoughts and feelings across.

  • Get tactful constructive feedback
  • Learn to write better poetry
  • Publish and promote your poetry; enter poetry contests
  • Got ideas you can’t get down? I take commissions!

Get tactful constructive feedback

Click for feedbackClick here for feedback on your poetry
Prices start at $9.50 AUD

Want objective feedback? What works in your poems? What doesn’t? How can you make them better? Should you publish or perform them? Should you submit them to poetry competitions or contests? Are they likely to win? How good is your technique? How original are your ideas? Find out: click here for a professional assessment. Or get tactful critiques, tips and ideas at a poetry workshop, class or critiquing group. Private lessons are also available.

I had very little confidence in my poetry until I asked Jackson to go through it. She told me what was effective and where I needed to put more work in. She is a thorough editor, not afraid to change or question, and helps bring the best out of each poem. Since then I have had poems published in Blackmail Press, Creatrix, Famous Reporter, Uneven Floor and Going Down Swinging.
— Tineke Van der Eecken, Tineke Creations

Jackson is hands down the best poet I have had the honour to read, watch and work with. She is creative, insightful and to the point. Her ability to understand what you might be trying to say in a poem, or any other creative writing endeavour, is impressive. She offers tactful and valuable feedback. If I ever decide to publish a book, Jackson will be my editor.
— Andrea Barnard, published in Creatrix and Uneven Floor (so far!).

Jackson’s honest, respectful feedback has helped me to write with more confidence. … Because Jackson is so willing to share her knowledge, I always come away feeling that I’ve learned something new.
— Elizabeth Nicholls. Read a poem by Elizabeth here.

Click for feedbackClick here for feedback on your poetry
Prices start at $9.50 AUD

Learn to write better poetry

Want to write awesome poems? Ask me about private lessons tailored to your needs. Check out my classes and workshops. As a much-published poet and experienced poetry editor and teacher, with training as a mentor and facilitator, I can help you discover the ideas and learn the techniques that will let you write your very best poetry. I can help you learn how to critique and edit your poems until they’re perfect to perform, publish, or submit to contests.

There is no right or wrong with Jackson: she will simply help you to find places within yourself and your writing that have not yet had permission (from you) to come out. Jackson gives you the permission to give yourself that permission — and this is the basis for fine creative work.
— Andrea Barnard, published in Creatrix and Uneven Floor (so far!).

Jackson is a great teacher and her own writing is a wonderful inspiration to the student. She has given me the confidence to continue.
— Ann Harrison

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Publish and promote

Talk to me before you submit poems to magazines, publishers or competitions. Don’t waste your time and money! Be sure your submission is professional: ask me about editing, proofreading and formatting.

Want to self-publish? I can help you make a book, chapbook or zine.
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Want to publish and promote your poetry online? I can show you how.

Got ideas you can’t get down?

Need something written? Words are what I do.

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How much does it cost?

Please send me a description of your project, budget and requirements, and (if applicable) a short sample of your poetry. I can give you a quote if you need one, or we can agree on an hourly rate. If I can’t help you myself I’ll try to suggest other resources for you. My standard rates are listed here.

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Prices start at $9.50 AUD


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