Missing (The dragging hunger)

Well I’ve got you here in voice
I can get you anytime I want!
For a short time of joy
Only to be followed by the dragging hunger.
Well I’ve got you here in image
Oh yes! I can see the image
Reading expressions into it.

The dragging hunger
And tonight,
tonight it is another year.
It seems like
While you stay away.
And I will get so close
I will breathe your sweat!
And end the dragging hunger.

Night Walk

You walk from the flat with the comfortable chairs
Out the door and down the stairs
Over the bridge across the river’s mud
Around a puddle of glass and blood
Past the freeway with its eyes on fire
Near a church with a nightlight spire
Through the park with the lurking corners
And a wailing collection of midnight mourners
Past sleeping cars in their streetside beds
And familiar bodies with strangers’ heads
Below buildings whose lights go on by day
Alien as the games their occupants play
In corpulent corporate canyons grand
— United we fall, divided we stand —
And you’re glad to bathe in the milken night
Those day people can keep their light!

(First published in Raven)

Observation, Winter 1990

Four girls dressed alike walk across a lawn.
Four bouncy girls with spindly legs in suffocating black tights
below short, faded, splayed blue skirts
crush the grass with sullen brogues.
Above their waists, pastel blouses flop out of stunted jackets.
It looks like a school uniform, but I’m afraid it’s in fashion.

(First published in Wasteland)