A better pen

I want a better pen.

This one came from a chainstore packet dozen.
Its cheap opaque plastic hides its ink
and its barrel is too narrow for my hand.

Its medium point is sadly blunt.
It’s rough, sluggish,
dragging its ball:

it doesn’t dance. I want
a well-built fine-point,
grip-milled, translucent.

I have a particular brand in mind.
They’re difficult
to find.

First published in Positive Words

welcoming teeth

In the glass-shielded propaganda frame
mounted on the bulkhead
of the driver’s

a carefully-chosen chubby bloke-next-door
is white     in a uniform     straight     smile

I can almost smell his
cheap aftershave

Someone else
has risked the cameras
to rim his welcoming teeth
with crimsonned lips

First published in Uneven Floor