2015 poetry publications

density. Australian Poetry Journal, vol. 5, no. 2.

the moon on her setting arc. Can I tell you a secret?, Live Poets at Don Bank, Sydney. Anthology.

Creatrix, no. 29, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
The emptied bridge
The secret slip

Creatrix, no. 30, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
Dream 47
my mother

Disqualified. Creatrix, no. 31, WA Poets Inc, Perth.

foam:e, no. 12:
clothes on

A nurturing crack. Joonda, Department of Poetry / Jakob Boyd, Perth.

Not entirely present, Department of Poetry / Jakob Boyd, Perth:
The op-shop

soaked. Plumwood Mountain, vol. 2, no. 1.

lava. Poetry for Public Transport, Cheryl Howard, Victoria.

Poetry Matters, Cheryl Howard, Victoria:
How long?
The baby getting smaller dream

Positive Words, Sandra James, Heathcote, Victoria:
The virtual room
Two limericks about a local IDentity

A man on the train. Tamba, no. 57, Goulburn Valley Writers Group, Victoria.

Grandfather. The School Magazine, New South Wales Education Department.

The sound. Audio recording of poem. Uneven Floor.

The light. Writ Poetry Review, no. 3.

2014 poetry publications

This is not my gig. Chapbook.

Haiku. Creatrix Haiku Journal, WA Poets Inc, Perth.

Creatrix, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
The path and I
Valentine’s day in this city

foam:e, no. 11:
untitled (the hibiscus blossom)

power tools. Poetry Matters, Cheryl Howard, Victoria.

Positive Words, Sandra James, Heathcote, Victoria:
A better pen
Green dot
Ordinary love
The hanging fronds of my tree
The revolution

Jehovah. Tamba, no. 55, Goulburn Valley Writers Group, Victoria.

The Mozzie, Queensland:
A bricklayer
Two haiku

Uneven Floor:
welcoming teeth

I drink. Writ Poetry Review, no. 1, Perth.

2013 poetry publications

lemon oil: poems. Book. Mulla Mulla Press. Reviewed in Cordite literary journal and The West Australian newspaper.

Eleven poems. Balius, Jeremy, et al. Performance Poets, Fremantle Press, pp. 49-66.

The right metaphor. Audio recording. Released as CD and online.

Essence. Australian Love Poems 2013, Inkerman & Blunt, Melbourne.

The alkali cleansing. Australian Poetry Members Anthology 2013.

Limerick. Blazevox, USA.

Creatrix, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
The window
Trauma teddies

The alkali cleansing. Fire, Margaret River Press.

Metafora, Poland (translated into Polish by Anna Habryn):
Celtic knots
I am your sunlight
quite a thing
The right metaphor

Jukebox. Anthology. Out of the Asylum Writers Group, Fremantle:
Silent as glass
The face appears

Poem. Peter Cowan Writers Centre e-magazine.

Poetry D’Amour, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
Shut up

Last week’s rose. Sotto, Australian Poetry Limited.

The Beat Press, Perth:

Dickens. The Mozzie, Queensland.

Uneven Floor:
Big old gum trees
On the road 1
Please be reassured
The light