‘Like having your whiskey without ice’: Jackson interviewed by Koraly Dimitriadis

This is my favourite radio interview so far. I really enjoyed having this unscripted chat in October 2012 on Melbourne community radio station 3CR with poet Koraly Dimitriadis.

Read along with the poems

At the beginning: Five dollar toothbrush.

At 8:38: thin (‘adult content’, ‘sexual references’!)

At 16:40: The right metaphor

Vintage radio interview: World of Art with Peter Jeffery

This is my first-ever radio interview. In early 2008 poet Peter Jeffery invited me to come on his ‘World of Art’ program on Perth community radio station 6EBA.

Read along with the poems

At the beginning: I am your sunlight, The space (with my old guitar).

At 22 minutes: Now this is a poem about coffee.

At the end (from 28 minutes): [S]he moves in, Celtic knots.

Jackson on Melbourne TV, May 2011

I’m the feature poet in the following three episodes of ‘Red Lobster’, a poetry programme on Northern Access Television, Melbourne. Some of the other poets aren’t bad either 🙂 Look out for Jennifer Compton, Maurice McNamara and David McLauchlan, who is also the cameraman and producer.

Filmed at WestWord on 8 May 2011.

My performance has been edited into several segments which are interspersed through the programmes.

Episode 246

Episode 247

Episode 248