A bibliography of my creative works, and a partial bibliography of my reviews, articles, papers etc.

Reviews, articles, papers etc

Scholarly publications

Please see my resume.

Commissioned/curated reviews and articles about creative practice

Uneven Floor, a poetry blogzine. Positive Words 13(7), Heathcote, Vic, 2014.

Perth Poetry Club and Beyond. Sotto, June 2013.

What it’s like: being a travelling poet. Scissors Paper Pen, 2013.

Some advice for would-be poets: Judge’s Report, Glen Phillips Poetry Prize 2012. Raw Text, 2012.

Album review: Li(f)e by Sage Francis. RTR-FM. Perth, 2010.

On being called a performance poet. Australian Writers Newsletter, 2009.

Book review: Permitted to Fall by Kevin Gillam. Blast Issue 7. Canberra, 2008.

Self-published reviews and articles about creative practice

A sold-out poetry show? In Perth? Yes, you heard me right. Raw Text, 2013.

Performance review: Deft, left and definitely def: Ben Mellor’s Anthropoetry at FringeWorld. Raw Text, 2013.

Perth Poetry Club, the mathematics of publicity, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Raw Text, 2012.

4 weeks in the ghost house: Writing in Residence at Mattie Furphy House. Raw Text, 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions and Hints for Poets. Perth Poetry Club 2012.

A few of the many presentations and seminars of my Australian Breastfeeding Association career, 1996-2008

Group Discussions. Breastfeeding Counsellor Training Workshop 2003.

Positioning and attachment. Breastfeeding Counsellor Training Workshop 2004.

Growing your group. Western Australian Branch Conference 2004.

How to be a group leader and still have a life. Western Australian Branch Conference 2004.

How to respond in, and avoid, counselling situations. Community Educators Workshop 2006.

Public Speaking. Community Educators Workshop 2006.

Publications during my computer science career, 1986-1995

Please see this separate list.

Creative works


lemon oil, full-length poetry collection, Mulla Mulla Press 2013. Reviewed in Cordite and The West Australian.

Coracle, full-length poetry collection, 2009. Reviewed in Indigo by Shane McCauley and in The West Australian by William Yeoman.

Micro-collection in joint volume Performance Poets, Fremantle Press 2013.

q finger (poetry chapbook), PressPress 2011.

Other major publications

The right metaphor, poetry album, 2013. Released as CD and online.

This is not my gig, poetry zine, 2014.

Poems for the Revolution of Love, poetry zine, 2012. Also including poems by Coral Carter and Terry Farrell.

consumable gifts, poetry zine, 2011.

In whatever voice, poetry zine, 2007.

Listen, poetry zine, 2006.

In the church of my skull, poetry zine, 2005.

Collected poems online at Proximity. Archived by the National Library.

Raw Text (non-fiction blog):

Major publications edited

David Barnes, Prayers waiting for God (poetry book), Mulla Mulla Press 2011.

Al Westenberg, Was the road so long or did I run so fast? (poetry book), 2011.

Uneven Floor poetry magazine, 2013-14. I am the founding editor.

Tineke van der Eecken, Parole (poetry chapbook), 2012.

Tineke van der Eecken, Poetic Jewels (poetry chapbook), 2011.

Performances, exhibitions etc

For highlights of commissioned poems, exhibitions, talks, performances, interviews, etc please see my resume.

Poems published in journals, magazines and anthologies

(2017) am I not? Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry.
(2017) suck faint amity. Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry.
(2017) Touched all over. LiNQ 43.
(2017) Stupider and stupider. LiNQ 43.
(2017) Ungainly. LiNQ 43.
(2017) lamps. Cordite 57.
(2016) Check my legs. Tamba 59.
(2016) The dust-encrusted crush. Creatrix 35.
(2016) Wet vacuum. Creatrix 35.
(2016) Special Class. Uneven Floor.
(2016) offset. The Disappearing.
(2016) Dadda. Creatrix #34.
(2016) Man with a gun. Creatrix #34.
(2016) bucket. Poetry Matters 27.
(2016) A coat of ashes. Poetry Matters 27.
(2016) sky-filling. Creatrix #33.
(2016) Mens underpants. Creatrix #33.
(2016) Haiku sequence. Poetry Pacific.
(2016) if the rain. Poetry Pacific.
(2016) Please wait to be seated. Poetry Pacific.
(2016) The fisherwoman. Poetry Pacific.
(2016) When you dance. Poetry Pacific.
(2016) enough. The High Window 1.
(2016) [   ]. foam:e 13.
(2016) words on waking. foam:e 13.
(2016) froth. Uneven Floor.
(2015) the moon on her setting arc. Can I tell you a secret? Sydney: Live Poets at Don Bank.
(2015) A man on the train. Tamba 57.
(2015) Disqualified. Creatrix #31.
(2015) density. Australian Poetry Journal 5(2).
(2015) How long? Poetry Matters.
(2015) The baby getting smaller dream. Poetry Matters.
(2015) my mother. Creatrix #30.
(2015) Dream 47. Creatrix #30.
(2015) The light. Writ Poetry Review.
(2015) The sound (audio). Uneven Floor.
(2015) lava. Poetry for Public Transport.
(2015) Grandfather. The School Magazine.
(2015) The virtual room. Positive Words.
(2015) really. foam:e.
(2015) yoga. foam:e.
(2015) clothes on. foam:e.
(2015) A nurturing crack. Joonda.
(2015) totalitarianism. Not entirely present.
(2015) The op-shop. Not entirely present.
(2015) The secret slip. Creatrix #29.
(2015) The emptied bridge. Creatrix #29.
(2015) Familiar. Positive Words.
(2015) Two limericks about a local IDentity. Positive Words.
(2015) soaked. Plumwood Mountain.
(2014) Jehovah. Tamba.
(2014) Love. Positive Words.
(2014) The path and I. Creatrix.
(2014) Valentine’s day in this city. Creatrix.
(2014) Pinocchio. Creatrix.
(2014) I drink. Writ Poetry Review.
(2014) welcoming teeth. Uneven Floor.
(2014) Haiku. The Mozzie.
(2014) Haiku. The Mozzie.
(2014) A bricklayer. The Mozzie.
(2014) power tools. Poetry Matters.
(2014) leaf. Uneven Floor.
(2014) The hanging fronds of my tree. Positive Words.
(2014) Ordinary love. Positive Words.
(2014) Cheesy. Positive Words.
(2014) Unsubscribe. Positive Words.
(2014) The revolution. Positive Words.
(2014) Green dot. Positive Words.
(2014) A better pen. Positive Words.
(2014) Haiku. Creatrix Haiku.
(2014) locus. foam:e.
(2014) untitled (the hibiscus blossom). foam:e.
(2013) lucid. The Beat Press.
(2013) Australians. The Beat Press.
(2013) On the road 1. Uneven Floor.
(2013) things. Poetry D’Amour 2014.
(2013) The alkali cleansing. Australian Poetry Members Anthology 2013.
(2013) out. Creatrix.
(2013) closed. Creatrix.
(2013) The light. Uneven Floor.
(2013) Big old gum trees. Uneven Floor.
(2013) say something. Performance Poets.
(2013) Essence. Australian Love Poems 2013. Inkerman & Blunt.
(2013) Please be reassured. Uneven Floor.
(2013) Limerick. Blazevox.
(2013) Untitled. Peter Cowan Writers Centre e-magazine.
(2013) I am your sunlight. (In Polish. A. Habryn, Trans.) Metafora. Poland.
(2013) The right metaphor. (In Polish. A. Habryn, Trans.) Metafora. Poland.
(2013) Celtic knots. (In Polish. A. Habryn, Trans.) Metafora. Poland.
(2013) quite a thing. (In Polish. A. Habryn, Trans.) Metafora. Poland.
(2013) Australians. Uneven Floor.
(2013) Trauma teddies. Creatrix.
(2013) Silent as glass. OOTA Anthology.
(2013) discrete. OOTA Anthology.
(2013) The face appears. OOTA Anthology.
(2013) Last week’s rose. Sotto. Australian Poetry Limited.
(2013) The window. Creatrix.
(2013) Shut up. Poetry d’Amour.
(2013) Dickens. The Mozzie.
(2012) Respect. KSP Newsletter.
(2012) Liller. Creatrix.
(2012) shot. Creatrix.
(2013) The alkali cleansing. Fire. Margaret River Press.
(2012) lemon oil. Society of Women Writers WA Newsletter.
(2012) with you. Creatrix.
(2012) Detoxing. Creatrix.
(2012) there. Regime.
(2012) hungry. The Mozzie.
(2012) When you dance. The Mozzie.
(2012) halfway. The Mozzie.
(2012) sanctioned and amplified. The Mozzie.
(2012) Breastfeeding a 4-month-old. Tuesday Poem.
(2012) Lawn. Tuesday Poem.
(2011) thin. Tuesday Poem.
(2012) To a certain extent. Creatrix.
(2012) My lover’s hair. Creatrix.
(2012) boots. Love Poetry 2012. WA Poets Inc.
(2012) ARTillery. Cottonmouth.
(2012) Unspoken. Creatrix.
(2011) A lark. Creatrix.
(2011) The fringe. Badger’s Dozen.
(2012) unmatchable.
(2012) When you dance.
(2012) despite and because.
(2012) q finger.
(2011) tongue. Creatrix.
(2011) breathing. Cottonmouth.
(2011) of cut country. Cottonmouth.
(2011) necessary. Westerly.
(2011) With a series of txts we. Cottonmouth.
(2010) Sex again. Cottonmouth.
(2010) Poems at 64. Creatrix.
(2010) Art for fucks sake. Creatrix.
(2010) am i not. Westerly.
(2010) another. Creatrix.
(2010) In my secret garden. Positively Geared Anti Tax Pax 2010. Perth Poetry Club.
(2010) white boys. Fringe Gallery’s blog.
(2010) Alone before the plasma screen. Creatrix.
(2010) half. Creatrix.
(2010) Roses and coffee and nothing. dotdotdash.
(2010) Nick cave wind. Melaleuca.
(2008) 21, 2010. Melaleuca.
(2009) offset. Recoil.
(2009) Nick cave wind. Australian Reader.
(2008) 21, 2010 Australian Reader.
(2009) Shitload of pain. Creatrix.
(2009) suck faint amity. Creatrix.
(2009) Graham Nunn reading. Creatrix.
(2009) Aren’t we? Another Lost Shark.
(2009) Nice. Creatrix.
(2009) Listening to Calla. Creatrix.
(2009) on the white wind. dotdotdash.
(2009) picking at the world. Broadsheet. Edith Cowan University.
(2009) Connect. Creatrix.
(2009) How the fuck would you feel? Creatrix.
(2009) He does not make words for me. Cottonmouth.
(2009) pretty basic. Cottonmouth.
(2008) The space. Numbat.
(2008) queensberry street. Numbat.
(2008) Untitled (If I may have your love). Numbat.
(2008) icons are burning. Numbat.
(2008) Annamaria Weldon at Poets Corner. Creatrix.
(2008) offset. Creatrix.
(2008) Alien-eyed. Thirst.
(2008) nail. Cottonmouth.
(2008) Hardcore. Masthead.
(2008) Input. Creatrix.
(2008) That radio moment. Creatrix.
(2008) Tarmac. Cottonmouth.
(2008) Coracle. Cottonmouth.
(2008) Split. Cottonmouth.
(2008) Review: ‘Permitted to Fall’ by Kevin Gillam. Blast.
(2008) Davy Byrne’s. Numbat.
(2008) Liquefy. Numbat.
(2008) torrential. Numbat.
(2008) curl. Numbat.
(2007) of my. nthposition.
(2007) Songless. WA Poets Inc.
(2007) I am holding alienation. WA Poets Inc.
(2008) Steel tube. The Broadkill Review.
(2008) trucked. The Broadkill Review.
(2008) entry statement. The Broadkill Review.
(2007) Inside yourself… The Broadkill Review.
(2007) Nine levels. The Broadkill Review.
(2007) Melbourne August 2007. The Broadkill Review.
(2007) George Bush is not the problem. The Broadkill Review.
(2007) Celtic knots. Blast.
(2007) Isosceles. Blast.
(2007) Poets reading. KSP Newsletter.
(2007) Here are my poems. KSP Newsletter.
(2007) Gentle touch of elsewhere. Numbat.
(2007) One more voice. Numbat.
(2007) Coracle. Numbat.
(2007) Amid the running. Numbat.
(2007) The sound. KSP Newsletter.
(2007) Echo and ache secret. WA Poets Inc.
(2007) Unspeakable. The Recessive Type.
(2007) nameless. The Recessive Type.
(2007) When the train came I cried. PixelPapers.
(2007) Dream 22. PixelPapers.
(2007) Cave. PixelPapers.
(2007) black strings. nthposition.
(2007) Evidence. nthposition.
(2007) Keypal. PixelPapers.
(2006) Mask. PixelPapers.
(2006) Loud. PixelPapers.
(2006) Like each other. PixelPapers.
(2006) The Director. The Mozzie.
(2006) Heaven is. The Mozzie.
(2006) Receive. The Word Is Out.
(2006) Now mouth. The Word Is Out.
(2006) Steve Smart at La Tropicana. The Word Is Out.
(2006) The secret. The Mozzie.
(2006) Equipment. The Mozzie.
(2006) When we need him. BLAST.
(2006) Suicide bomber. Poets Corner Anthology.
(2006) Ripped. Poets Corner Anthology.
(2006) Wink. PixelPapers.
(2006) Ripped. PixelPapers.
(2006) Dream 45. PixelPapers.
(2006) Centred. PixelPapers.
(2006) An update for the Pilgrims Guide. Hamilton Stone Review.
(2005) Now this is a poem about coffee. Thirst.
(2005) Damask. Thirst.
(2005) In the eyes of it. The weighing of the heart. Sunline Press. Perth, Australia.
(2005) Way over here in Australia. Malleable Jangle.
(2005) Unavoidable. Malleable Jangle.
(2005) Skeleton. Malleable Jangle.
(2005) A takeaway wish on a takeaway star. Fieralingue.
(2005) In the mirror-maze. Fieralingue.
(2005) Lay your noise on me. Fieralingue.
(2005) Lawn. PixelPapers.
(2005) Camping. PixelPapers.
(2005) I will be silent. PixelPapers.
(2004) Yet not his sister. WordThirst.
(2004) Why I. WordThirst.
(2004) Lip-prints. WordThirst.
(2004) Don’t go there. WordThirst.
(2004) Into the moshpit. PixelPapers.
(2004) Imagine being the singer’s wife. PixelPapers.
(2004) Hasp. WordThirst.
(2004) Storm/Sight. WordThirst.
(2004) For the cool one. PixelPapers.
(2004) Fire. PixelPapers.
(2004) I am your sunlight. Fieralingue.
(2004) Stick to the truth. Fieralingue.
(2004) Would you like some soup?. Fieralingue.
(2004) The fisherwoman. Fieralingue.
(2004) Dream 40. Fieralingue.
(2004) Come home. Fieralingue.
(2004) Breastfeeding a newborn. Fieralingue.
(2004) Windows. Marginata.
(2003) But. PixelPapers.
(2003) You again. WordThirst.
(2003) Instrument. WordThirst.
(2003) Bald and Hairy. WordThirst.
(2003) Samantha 7 weeks. PixelPapers.
(2003) The neon name. PixelPapers.
(2003) To a word. PixelPapers.
(2003) The fisherwoman. PixelPapers.
(2000) Sling. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) Samantha 7 weeks. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) A female poem. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) Callan is born. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) What it feels like (on a good day). An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) Breastfeeding a newborn. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(2000) 14 weeks. An Endless Afternoon. Lioness Press. Perth, Australia.
(1993) My brother is dead. The West Australian.
(1993) New baby. The West Australian.
(1992) Truth Eyes. Heartland.
(1992) Untitled (I’m the daughter). Aversion.
(1992) Adam. Aversion.
(1992) Observation Winter 1990. Wasteland.
(1991) A female poem. Mattoid.
(1990) Night Walk. Raven.
(1990) Billboard Girl. Demented Bliss.

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